5 Books to read this year – from my library

The most common New Year resolution or goal that everyone includes in their list is – reading more books. I am sure many of my dear friends must have included the same in their list as well. Maybe you grew up with a love of reading or maybe the thought of picking up a book…

How to achieve new year resolutions and set life goals.

We all know what happens to our new year resolutions. As the new year enthusiasm wears off and we start settling into our routine and daily chores, the resolutions take a backseat. Keeping a journal of your progress is a useful way to help you stay focused and see how far you have come.

Christmas decor ideas with candles

Christmas is the season of lights, and lighting Christmas candles has always been central to the Christmas season. What I read is that historically, the Christmas candle was a single large candle that was lit on Christmas eve to burn throughout the night. The Christmas candle sheds its light And brings good cheer on Christmas…

Simple Christmas Decor DIY

here are some simple Christmas decor DIY to do this season and bring the joy of Christmas ringing into our homes. The Christmas tree is the most essential part of any Christmas decor. I know, putting up a Christmas tree in every space of our homes is a tedious task, even though we wish to have one. Therefore, besides the usual enormous tree that we spend a ton of time decorating, here are some quick and easy Christmas tree DIY ideas that you can incorporate in your decor across all areas in your homes.

5 super easy to maintain indoor plants.

Now , I was a certified plant killer at one point of my life ! My mother loves gardening and has loads of different plants in her home. But when it came to me for taking care of them, even for a few days when my mother was out of town, I would totally suck…


Ever since I had seen a yarn floor lamp, a couple of months back, in a local decor shop here in Goa, I was totally obsessed with it. The price quoted for that floor lamp was too obnoxious for me though. Really! I mean, unless there were diamonds studded in it or something!!! Jokes apart, I could not put it out of my mind and so I thought of making one myself. After going through a lot of DIY videos on YouTube, searching the local market for the right materials and contemplating the time required, I finally decided to go with the epic task of making this lamp before Diwali. And I must admit, that I am proud to share the making of this lamp shade with you my friends!

5 lighting ideas to dazzle your home this Diwali.

Diwali is here and the air is filled with festivity! It’s time to amaze your guest with your beautifully decorated home and be the star in your neighbourhood. The markets are flooded with lights and other Diwali décor items, but simply buying these stuff will do no good to your home décor. Creating somethings with…