A Cozy reading nook you need …. Your Hygge.

Hygge is a Danish or Norwegian word for a mood of coziness and comfortable conviviality with feelings of wellness and contentment. It’s a way of living that involves finding joy in the simple things in life.


When it comes to making your home or office warm and homely, lighting can be a subtle power ingredient. It instantly calms your mood and changes the aura of any space. This DIY tassel chandelier is a real show stopper in my home.

A walk in the first ancient capital of Goa- Chandor

On a beautiful Sunday evening I went for a heritage walk to Chandor – the first ancient capital of Goa. I always had a keen interest in this village from my childhood days. One of my fathers friend was from this village and I used to visit his home often in my childhood. During my visits, the gorgeous Portuguese houses and the lush green landscape of this pictorous little village always fascinated me.

Decorating based on your zodiac colours

f you are someone who believes in zodiac signs then decorating your space with colours based on your zodiac sign will bring energy, peace and happiness to your life and family.

Keeping up with your resolutions?

We are into the second week of February already! I think is it is right time for us to ask this question. So how are the resolutions of 2019 shaping up? We all had gotten up on the bandwagon of New year resolutions and made lists which could easily run down longer than the length…

Curse of the Queen of Chandrapur.

South Goa is famed for some of the most beautiful villages of Goa. Not being much explored or exposed to the tourists that mostly throng the beaches of North Goa, these villages have maintained their authenticity, history and natural beauty. One such amazing village is Chandor or the erstwhile Chandrapur (or Chandraura). Chandor is a…

5 Books to read this year – from my library

The most common New Year resolution or goal that everyone includes in their list is – reading more books. I am sure many of my dear friends must have included the same in their list as well. Maybe you grew up with a love of reading or maybe the thought of picking up a book…